Thursday, 15 April 2010

And then there were 4

Well what a surprise this morning!

I was woken up at 4am hearing loud cries. I was quite panicked wondering what was going on and jumped up to follow the noise.

It seemed to be coming from upstairs so I searched around checking each cat I came across making sure no-one was injured but found nothing.

I then followed the sound into the spare bedroom where Emily the new foster cat was. As I went into the room I could hear she was in distress immediately. I rushed to the corner she was hiding in and found .......

Kittens !!!

She had two new born kittens snuggled up beside her and was struggling to push the next kitten out. After watching her for a few minutes it was clear she would need some help. I helped slowly ease kitten from her but sadly it was still-born :(

She then quickly gave birth to a third and final kitten and so then there were 4!

All 3 kittens are beautiful ginger tabbies and it seems that we have 2 girls and 1 boy. We have named then Nemo, Dory and Coral.

They will be off to the vets today for a full check and I will continue to update on their progress as they grow up and go to their new homes.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We have a visitor :)

I recieved a phone call last week from a member of the public over-run with cats. The owner had over 40 cats that were all breeding and she couldn't cope with them any longer. This just goes to show the importance of neutering.

Please neuter your animals and help prevent situations like this!

So first steps on dealing with this is to neuter all the cats as we don't want any more kittens, especially as kitten season is just starting, that 40 could easilly become 60!

We got a team of volunteers to take the cats from the home and to the vets for neutering and managed to get all the cats neutered in just 3 days. This shows what dedicated volunteers we have and we really could not do this without them!

One of the cats we collected for neutering was Emily. However she was very heavily pregnant and so there was nothing we could do. I got the phone call earlier today and went to go and collect her. She will be staying with me to have her kittens before going to her new home.

She is very, very skinny! Even with her big bump you can see every bone in her body and she looks scared stiff. Her eyes are quite sticky so we suspect she has cat flu as well. This poor girl really needs some TLC. The vet estimates she is due in a weeks time so we will soon be hearing the pitter patter of tiny paws.

Until then she will get lots of love, food and vet care.

Another phone call I had today left me shocked and sickened. It was from one of our inspectors saying that two cats had been found tied up in a carrier bag!

How anyone can be this cruel is beyond me. There are rescue centre's all over the country that can help re-home your animals if you need them, why on earth would you leave them to die like this?

They have been taken to the vet for a check up and then hopefully into foster care tomorrow. I will update when I know more about them.

Let's give the people what they want.

Good morning all my devoted fans!

Seeing as the human didn't bother to introduce me I thought I would take it upon myself, after all we all know that you all came to see me.

I am the most important cat in the world, or at least in my house. I get the best sleeping spot, play with the best toys and eat the best food. I'm like a god.

Oh yeah my name is Olle, arn't I handsome.

I live with my two adopted sisters, Lola and Nala. What I can I say about them really, there girls, there annoying but I put up with them.

Lola isn't too bad actually, she's a bit dim though. The other day I caught her eating from a bowl on the floor!! Surely every cat knows that you only eat from the human bowls, preferbly whilst they are eating, they like sharing food.

She also is a bit of an attention seeker, she is waaayyy to comfortable with the humans that visit, especially the small nosiy one's. I personally think they should get a good scratch on their nose. After all do you see cat's allowing their young to pull the tails off humans and pick them up. Saying that I've never noticed a human with a tail ........ I wonder if that's because they all got pulled off!

I would show you her but she's camera shy at the moment.

Nala my younger sister is a bit of a loose canon. She is what they call a 'posh puss' which I think means she comes from another planet. Nala thinks she is very beautiful and is always posing and showing off, it really annoys me. Everyone know's i'm the most handsome cat in the world.

She is also a bit of a grump, I think she has 'woman's problems'. At least that what the human says she has every time we see her screaming and shouting. We have learnt that chocolate is a great cure for the dreaded ' woman's problems' as the human is much nicer after it. I gave some chocolate to Nala one day in the hope it would cheer her up but it just gave her a poorly tummy, and boy was she mad then!

Anyway here is Nala, I am sure you will all agree that I am much more handsome. In fact that long fur she always boasts about just makes her look fat. you hear that Nala, you look like a tubs!

We cats also share our home with one more thing ........ a terrible, horrible evil thing .......... enemy to cats all over the world .......... It's big ........ It has big teeth .......... and it smells disgusiting!

It's the dog!!

I hate the dog and I hate my human for even thinking about allowing a dog to live here, in MY home. I've been punishing that human ever since. I'll show her how bad a dog is.

I have been coming up with cunning ways to get the dog in trouble and then maybe she will take him to the pound, I hear that's where all the naughty dogs go. Well so they should! Who do dogs think they are coming into homes and chasing us cats. We were here first you know!

Anyway the other day when the human was out hunting for food I decided that I would make the human really mad at the dog. I spotted the television remote high up on a shelf and knowing how much the human likes television I thought she would be very cross if she lost her remote.

I told the dog to eat it, pretended it was made from delicious chicken but he couldn't reach, stupid dumb dog can't even climb. Anyway I jumped up, knocked it onto the floor and it got chewed, victory!

OH MY you should have seen the human when she got home. It was all 'bad dog' and 'naughty dog'. I watched the whole show from my bed sniggering away. I even started packing the dog toys ready for his new home at the pound but it all went wrong!

The human didn't take him to the pound, she let him stay!!! Apparantly it's not his fault because he's teething, what complete nonsense!

Cat's teethe do we chew everything in view? and human babies teethe, how many times have you had to tell them off for chewing on a table leg?. I'll willing to bet not very often. So why does this over-grown, smelly, drooling beast get away with it? God only knows but one day I will defeat him!

Anyway I will leave you all now, it's a busy day for a cat you know. I have to plan world domination, find new ways to keep the human busy, tease the dog and still fit in 18 hours of sleep. I don't know how I do it, I really don't.

Does anything in my life not involve cats?

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog :)

This is my first ever try at this so bear with me whilst I find my way in this huge cyber place.

To quickly introduce myself I am Beci and most likely (although never actually checked) the world's youngest crazy cat lady! We all know the crazy cat lady, there is one on in every town all over the world.

The one who is covered head to toe in fur, has more cats then anyone can count and dosn't stop talking about catnip and what litter clumps the best.

They are generally lonely old women who treat cats like their children now that the human babies have flown the nest.

Well that is basically me, except i'm 24 and i'd like to think fairly normal and sane, although my psychiatrist may disagree :)

My life litterally revolves around cats. I own 3 of my own and volunteer for my local RSPCA branch as the cat re-homing officer, I also foster cats. I eat sleep and breathe cats!

I have decided to start a blog as a way to capture my thoughts and un-wind after some of the terrible cruelty cases I deal with every day, you need to be able to relax and stay grounded as it can really get to you. If anyone out there happens to find this interesting at the same time then great!

I am sure we will have a few guest bloggers as well, in the form of Lola, Nala and Olle my cat masters and one or two temporary residents.

Well bye for now and remember .....

It's a cats world .... they just let you live in it!